CINCINNATI (Dec. 26, 2016) -- The Rookwood Bar and Restaurant of Mount Adams announced today that the restaurant is closing, effective immediately. Owner Joseph Creighton, who opened the restaurant in 2008 in the building that was once The original Rookwood Pottery Company, was unable to come to a lease agreement with the landlord.

“We’ve worked hard to always do something different for 8 years to make The Rookwood one of the best restaurants in Cincinnati,” Said Joseph Creighton. “But at the end of the day, running a restaurant is a business.  We could not work out a reasonable business deal with our landlord.”  

When the Rookwood opened in 2008, the “industrial, hand-made experience,” as Creighton called it, was a new concept for Cincinnati. Creightons love for the city - and eclectic nature has set many trends and inspired many of Cincinnati’s hippest hangouts. Most recently Creighton and crew have opened Cheapside Cafe in the design district in downtown Cincinnati and MECCA OTR. Cheapside Corner, a spin on its original concept, is slated to open on Main Street in early 2017.

Creighton and team are making arrangements to honor all gift cards.

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